Kayak Rental in Russia | Аренда байдарок в Карелии: каяки напрокат

Kayak Rental in Russia

Kayak Rental in Russia with Rentakayak.ru

Rentakayak.ru offers kayaks and canoes for hire, as well as organizing day trips and longer excursions around Lake Ladoga, Russia for individuals and groups. If you would like further information about us, read on to learn more.

Alternatively, you can call or write to us on Whatsapp at +79219563257 or feel free to drop us an email at info@rentakayak.ru. We and our colleagues all speak excellent English and are available 24/7 to answer your questions. You can also browse some reviews from past customers on Google Maps at


About Us

Rentakayak.ru sprang into life in 2010 when we realized that kayaking and canoeing were barely on the radar of even the most ardent water sports fans visiting Russia. Back then, we only had a few kayaks available for tourists to hire but we soon enjoyed great success as backpackers and outdoors enthusiasts from all over the world began to take note of what we had to offer.

While our guests chose to paddle in a wide range of local places, it soon became clear that Lake Ladoga was the most popular destination of all. However, hiring a kayak and then transporting it along with all the necessary equipment in a foreign country is not the easiest task, especially when you don’t have a car.

We quickly understood exactly how we could help people get the most out of their trip out on the lake, and now we provide fully-equipped paddling vessels and accompany you directly to the shores of Ladoga as part of our all-inclusive service. We take you out to our favorite spots, each a perfect mix of practical location, convenient travel time, and natural beauty.

Our base camp is situated in one of the most picturesque areas among the Ladoga skerries, a series of rocky islets that are widely regarded to be the most beautiful of all those within this gigantic lake. The isles of Kojonsaari, Lauvatsaari and Kukhka are sheltered from the wind, making this section of the lake an excellent starting point for experts and novices alike. Under the cover of these islets, we take the time to help you choose a suitable route that matches your skill level while still enabling you to see everything you dreamed of. We can even adapt our routes to take into account stormy and other inclement weather.

By 2013, our growth accelerated with the advent of more advanced online booking tools that facilitated kayak hire even from across the other side of the globe. This success meant that we were increasingly able to procure world-class kayaks, canoes and associated equipment from internationally acclaimed brands such as Prijon, Wilderness Systems, and TaheMarine.

At this time, we also began to promote and expand our range of services throughout Lake Ladoga. For example, we pioneered the idea of day trips around the Ladoga skerries including the use of truly seaworthy kayaks and proper transfers to the lake from Saint Petersburg and back again.

Our base camp grew from strength to strength until we were certified as a bona fide campsite in 2017. As our guest, you can now spend a few days with us as you explore the lake and you could even stay with us for the entire duration of your vacation in the local area whether you are kayaking or perhaps going on a hike.

As of the present day, Rentakayak.ru is the largest and most well-known kayak and canoe hire company in the city of Saint Petersburg and indeed the whole of the Republic of Karelia, and that’s not to speak of our additional equipment hire and base camp on the shores of Ladoga itself. Our range of vessels to hire includes plastic, inflatable and even foldable choices, with one-, two-, and three-person options available. We’ve even got some «sit-on-top» kayaks and classic canoes specially suited for fishing!

Our Vocation - Your Vacation

We are a friendly group of professionals, dedicated to making sure you have the time of your life on the water. When you run as many trips as we do, you quickly get to understand exactly what it takes to make a good trip truly great, and it’s our goal to help you fulfil all your kayaking dreams and desires. This is what drives us and pushes us to provide the best possible experience for everyone who paddles with us.

Among our team we count professional tour guides, kayaking instructors and even athletes who compete in catamarans and other sailing vessels all around the world. We will share all sorts of exciting stories and our love for the water really shines through in everything we do. Given that many of us were born and raised in the region, you’re sure to hear all kinds of local myths and legends and see a wondrous range of geographical marvels, both on land and on the water.

Aside from our genuine passion for the water, we have a vast array of knowledge about what makes for an excellent kayak and, naturally, what kind would suit a given person best. That’s what puts us in first place when it comes to making sure that our trips are suitable for absolutely everyone who wants to join us, whether you’re an expert or a complete beginner.

We are constantly educating our team and sending them off to study up on the latest kayak models and the most recent changes to rules and regulations. The result is an incredibly safe and yet exciting experience for everyone involved.

Types of Kayak and Equipment Hire

Since we offer such a wide range of kayaks and canoes together with all sorts of vital extras, it’s worth outlining the main options available to hire for your trip around the Ladoga skerries.

— Sit-on-top kayaks
— Sea kayaks (1, 2, and 3-person)
— Foldable kayaks (2 and 3-person)
— 3-person canoes (also great for 2 people with lots of equipment and belongings)


All hires include the following extras:

— Life vests- Paddles
— Spray skirts
— Hermetic water bags
— Laminated map


Solo and Group Options

We encounter a huge variety of tourists with all sorts of different needs and requirements, and we like to think that we have just the vessel and exactly the right trip in mind to suit their specific needs.

Whether you want to paddle alone and spend a quiet day contemplating the natural wonders of Lake Ladoga or you prefer to stick together with a guided tour group, we have you covered. Here are some of the excursion options available to you.

Day Trips and Longer Excursions

Ladoga 3 Days

This action-packed, 3-day tour takes you around some of the most awe-inspiring spots in the Ladoga skerries while getting you there and back to Saint Petersburg all in one piece with a comfortable transfer on road.

You will get plenty of time to enjoy the peaceful ebbing and flowing of the crystal-clear, pure water and relax on the sandy beaches of Kojonsaari island, the likes of which you’ll never see anywhere else this far north!

Ladoga 7 Days

This trip offers you a whole week to fill with unforgettable memories. You will have all the time you need to join the select few who have been granted the privilege to access some of the most remote and hard-to-reach beauty spots around Lake Ladoga. In taking this tour, you will feel like a real pioneer as you discover untouched natural wonders that can be found nowhere else other than here in Karelia.
Even though it sounds like a long trip, this is a journey not to be missed by expert or novice canoeists. We have made it incredibly easy to experience everything all at your own pace.

Camping with Us

Spending a few days on the shores of Lake Ladoga means that you are going to need somewhere local to spend the night. Camping with us is the best way to get a true feel for Karelia and its unique characteristics. You can use our site as a base from which to explore all sorts of hidden gems throughout the lake and its skerries and islands, which are all located within a stone’s throw of your starting location.

Naturally, we talk a lot about how great this part of the country is for kayaking, canoeing and other means of exploring the water, but that’s far from all that Lake Ladoga and the Republic of Karelia have to offer. In fact, this region is equally revered for its forests and mountains, which have lakes, rivers and sandy beaches all of their own. It’s simply a great place for hiking, fishing, kayaking and just about any other outdoor pursuit you can think of.

When you stay at our specially equipped campsite, you can bring your own tent or hire one of ours. You can even bring your own RV if you like! We can cater for any size of party, whether it’s just yourself, your family, or a whole group of people.

You will have access to secure parking, potable water, toilets, showers and, of course, plenty of space for making a fire. There’s nothing quite like a campfire to keep you feeling warm and safe while spending time out beneath the stars. That said, we’ve even got a pretty fast Wi-Fi connection for when you need it.

Island Transfers

If your number one priority is getting straight out into the thick of it, we offer transfers directly to the Ladoga skerries by boat. We can carry 6-8 people per trip and Rees plenty of room for equipment and your belongings. Naturally, this includes space for your hired kayaks and/or canoes.

Passenger Excursions

If you would love to see the most eye-catching sights on and around Lake Ladoga but sleeping bags and getting drenched in a canoe aren’t your idea of fun, we’ve got an alternative option just for you. Instead of paddling, you can enjoy everything from the comfort of a proper motor boat as a passenger. You will get the chance to walk around beautiful islets and access viewpoints which look out straight on to the clear waters of Lake Ladoga. If you like, we’ll even take you for a swim and then after you’ve dried off and had a walk around the forest, you’ll come back to some piping hot tea made by the captain with a real Russian samovar-style tea urn.

Corporate Outings

If you want a unique way to get to know your colleagues and engage in some proper team building, there’s nothing that bonds people more than a shared experience. As far as experiences go, there’s little more exciting than trying something new in the outdoors. We provide fully catered day trips so you’ll get back to the office refreshed, renewed and with a whole new sense of camaraderie.

If you have any specific needs or ideas for your corporate outing, do let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you.

How to Book and Pay Online

Rentakayak.ru is the only operator in the region that offers the latest online booking options which allow you to view and reserve kayaks and canoes in real-time. It’s easy to see which ones are available for your chosen dates and you can pay online to confirm your booking at the click of a button.

We make sure to use the most secure online payment platform which is protected by 256-bit encryption and validated by an SLL certificate. If your bank requires it, our platform is also authorized to make use of Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode for your extra security. We follow all the rules and regulations set out by Visa and MasterCard, ensuring that your personal data is never visible to third parties at any time except if so required by law.

We require prepayments on all hires but we give you a generous 24 hours to pay in case you change your mind. If your trip is longer than 3 days in total, we require a prepayment equal to the cost of the first 3 days. For shorter trips, we require the full sum to be paid in advance.

If you are unsure about the time left in which to make your prepayment, you can check your confirmation email for further details. You should have received this email as soon as you booked via our website.

If you want to cancel your booking for any reason, you will need to inform us no later than 100 hours before the first day of your booked date(s). It’s enough to send us an email or give us a phone call and we’ll do the rest. We will retain 5.5% of the amount originally charged so that we may cover transaction charges and the like.

When a refund has been successful, you can expect to receive the funds in your bank account within 7 business days. The exact time will depend on your bank and the method of payment you chose.

Safety First

As fun and exciting as our trips and excursions always are, it’s vitally important that you acquaint yourself with a few ground rules before you hit the water.

For those that join our prescheduled trips

Firstly, your instructor’s word is law. For example, you must approve any changes to your route with your instructor so that he or she knows exactly where you are at all times. Our main concern is keeping you and the rest of your group safe and secure, so here’s what we would like you to bear in mind:

— Alcohol is strictly forbidden while on the water
— Entering the water without a life vest is never permitted
— In the event of sunny weather, you must take the necessary precautions
— Children aged 14 years and under must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian

For those who hire kayaks and canoes individually

When you hire from us and set off on your own adventure unaccompanied by our team, you are fully responsible for your own safety standards all times and should plan your route taking into consideration your level of experience, physical fitness, and current and forecast weather conditions.